2019-2020 Fall Season

2019-2020 Fall Session

PROMOTION – Try a class for free!

Between September 9th and 15th, try as many classes as you’d like with no charge (classes must be within your child’s level and age)
Fill out the online registration form, indicating which classes you’d like to try out. Then come have fun in class! If your child enjoys the class, we can complete the registration for the session afterwards. No commitment!

Classes run from September to May, and start on Monday, September 10, 2018. Unless otherwise indicated, each class is 1 hour.

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What to Wear to Dance Class
Types of Dance

Twinkle Stars Dance – Ages 2-4
These classes are for our very little beginners. Introductory classes include ballet, tap and jazz/creativement movement.

Learn more about the Twinkle Stars Dance program

Recreational Classes
$435 (plus taxes) for the session
These classes are for students who are just beginning or who have a limited amount of experience. Students have fun while working hard and learning the basics of the proper technique they need in order to progress. 

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Pre-Competitive Classes
$460 (plus taxes) for the session
These classes are for students who have been dancing for a few years and want more of a challenge. It is a higher level than recreational, for students who are ready to learn more advanced choreography and technique. Pre-Competitive students participate in one competition at the end of the season in Ottawa. 

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Competitive Classes
These classes are for our competitive team only. To participate in the competitive team, you must have auditioned. 

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Adult Classes
$425 (plus taxes) for the session for recreational
$450 (plus taxes) for the session for competitive
Want to join in on the fun? We’ve got you covered! With our adult only classes you can get a good workout, have fun and feel great. Try out your first class free of charge – you’ll love it!

See the full class schedule for the list of adult classes