Studio 360 runs two sessions per year: the regular season (September to May) and the summer season (June to August). There are different benefits for taking classes in each of the seasons.

The regular season
September to May

During the regular season, classes are offered on evenings and weekends, for an hour per week. Students learn technique in each style of dance, as well as learn and perfect a routine with their group which they perform at the end of year recital.  

Benefits: Students get to explore their creativity through performance with the end of year recital in May. They also have all year to work on their technique, learn new skills and work with their fellow dancers. Teachers follow a guided syllabus program and students have the time they need to progress at their own pace.

Summer season
June to August

During the summer session, there are two options for dance opportunities with Studio 360. You can either choose to register for one of our evening classes, which are one hour per week, or choose one of our multiple day camps.

Benefits: There is no recital at the end of the session, which allows students to focus on their technique and conditioning, or improve their abilities in order to progress to the next level. There is also no attendance policy during the summer, so students can feel free to miss a few classes for those important summer vacation trips! The summer session is ideal for trying out new styles, as it is a shorter term. It’s also a great way to have fun over your summer break!