About the Competitive Team

About the Competitive Team

The competitive team at Studio 360 is a group of dancers that perform their various routines at different competitions in front of judges. There are several groups within the competitive team, who are selected based on their auditions and placed within a group based on their age, level and dance style.

Dancers audition during one of our audition sessions and are marked based on their technique, performance, work ethic as well as their ability to pick up choreography.

About Competitions 

Dance competitions are a great way to showcase our dancers’ talent and hard work, as well as that of our choreographers. Dancers prepare for competitions beginning in September, and continuously work at improving their technique and perfecting their choreography throughout the year, leading up to the competitive season that generally runs from March to June.

Important information about competitions

  • During the competitive season, we attend approximately 4-6 competitions per year, with 3 or 4 being in Ottawa/Gatineau and 1 or 2 being out of town.
  • Competitions normally run from Thursday morning through to Sunday evening (so you might need to miss school or work to attend a competition).
  • There is no fee or ticket required to watch the competition (with the exception of some).
  • There are normally 3-4 judges with various backgrounds and expertise in dance.
  • Many studios will register for the same competition. Competitions then schedule routines based on categories. For example, all of the intermediate level small groups ages 10 to 11 in jazz, will perform in the same category.
  • At most competitions, every routine receives an award based on their score as well as a placement within their category. At some competitions there are “overalls” or “finals”. For these, dancers will perform their routine again, for the chance to compete against the highest marking routines of the competition.
  • Performance dates and times are distributed to all dancers via e-mail as soon as we receive them. We do not receive the final performance times until about 2-3 weeks before the competition.

Competition fees

  • On top of class costs, competitive students must also pay for their competition entry fees. Fees vary from competition to competition but are approximately: 
  • $35-$50 per group (per competition)
  • $70-$85 per solo (per competition)
  • $40-$55 per duo/trio (per competition)
  • There are many fundraisers available to help pay for your competition fees, costumes and costs for travel during out of town competitions.